Positive Organizational Psychology

Course Code: PSY106
Why are certain individuals, teams and/or organizations simply extraordinary? What makes businesses sustainable? We aim to answer this question by drawing from the growing theoretical base of positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship and positive organizational behavior. After an overview of positive psychology and its applications to life in general, we examine topics such as well-being at work, positive relationships, drivers of sustainable growth, conditions for high employee engagement, strength-based job crafting, leadership that drives positive change, and other fascinating theories and designs that enable highly successful companies run sustainable businesses. The course aims at equipping HR professionals, senior leaders, managers, all professionals with a set of tools based on Positive Organizational Psychology so that they become the drivers of sustainable growth in their organizations and communities. Also, teachers, coaches and counselors can benefit from the thoughts, theories and applications that will be discussed.
After finishing the course, the participants will be able to:
1. Have a firm grasp of Positive Psychology and its applications in organizations.
2. Formulate a set of practices and processes which will create the fundamentals of sustainable growth.
HR professionals, Senior Leaders, Executives, managers who would like to create thriving teams
English Level: Advanced
No required textbook
Mete Yazici
Mete Yazici is a tri-lingual and multi-cultural professional living and working in Japan. He has worked in Financial Services, Insurance, IT/Software, and Legal Services as a senior leader for more than 22 years before transitioning to Leadership Coaching and Training. Mete's current mission is to help companies and leaders drive sustainable growth.
He is a holder of International Coach Federation's Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation, in addition
to M.Sc. In Psychology from California Southern University, MBA from International University of Japan, and Certificate in NGO Management from Temple University. He is currently working to become a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD.)
His interests cover a wide range of topics such as Positive Psychology, Leadership Development, Digital well-being, Self-Leadership, and Coaching.