Cognitive Psychology: Understanding the Human Mind

Course Code: PSY107
Did you know that everything you do is controlled by your brain? Your brain enables you to breathe, eat, walk, and sleep even though you may not be fully aware of it. And yet, many people have never learned how to use their brains effectively. This course aims to provide knowledge and training of how you can efficiently use your brain to improve all facets of your life whether it relates to work, family, personal or health aspects. Learn about "visualization," "SCOTOMA" or "blind spots" and concepts like "going beyond your comfort zone." Widen your perspective and see the bigger picture to enable you to become better at problem solving. Learning about the fascinating power of the brain to improve your life will definitely be life changing.

1. Understand the foundational concepts and principles of cognitive psychology, including Visual perception, Attention, Memory, Knowledge, Language, Reasoning, Problem solving.

2. Understand the history of cognitive psychology.

3. Learn the theory and approach to improve your life and connect them with the learnings of cognitive psychology.

4. Start developing better life using the knowledge of how the brain and mind works.

The aim of this course is to learn the basic of cognitive psychology and how the brain and mind works to understand how we can live a better life.

Those who wish to learn how to improve life and also has interest on how the brain and mind works would benefit from this course.

English Level: Intermediate
No required textbook
Kazuyoshi Hisano
Kazuyoshi Hisano is the President of both Conoway, Inc. and the Feed Forward Association, and the Vice President of Cognitive Coaching Association. He is an entrepreneur and has vast experience in domestic and multinational companies (i.e. Tyco Electronics, Philips, and Bureau Veritas), where he played various management roles. Before starting Conoway, Inc. he served as COO and Executive Managing Director at ProFuture, Inc. He has coached thousands of people in the past 30 years, and has launched "CEO Coaching", his only one on one CEO and equivalent coaching service. His work is backed by cognitive science, the study of "how the human brain works". He is author of several business-related books, including CEO Coaching, Gold Vision, and Feed Forward. His goal is to provide pro-bono coaching services for people in underdeveloped countries. Kazuyoshi has acquired Bachelor's in Economics from Tokyo University and an MBA from Tsukuba University (top of the class).