Business Negotiation

Course Code: NEG101
Day: Sat Time: 13:30-15:20 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Fall Instructional Language: English Special Notes: The materials (case studies) used in this course will be introduced by the instructor on the first day of class. The total cost for these materials is approximately $9.90 (USD). Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate

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Course Description

Negotiation isn't just a part of life—it's an essential skill that sets the stage for success, especially in the business world. The best negotiators don't just reach agreements; they craft winning outcomes that add significant value to their organizations. This dynamic course is your key to becoming one of these sought-after professionals.

What You'll Discover:

• Foundational Insights: Start with the basics of negotiation to ground your understanding.
• Strategies for Success: Learn to navigate various negotiation types, prepare effectively, and deploy powerful tactics.
• Power Dynamics: Uncover the sources of negotiating power and how to leverage them to your advantage.
• Overcoming Obstacles: Identify common barriers and strategies to break through or avoid them altogether.
• Cultural Savvy: Appreciate the role of cultural differences and how to navigate them skillfully.
• Practical Experience: Engage in role-playing simulations to put theory into practice, discovering your negotiating style and how to refine it.

Learning Objectives

• Master key negotiation concepts and strategies.

• Equip yourself with the preparation and skills needed to negotiate confidently.

• Develop a toolkit of professional negotiation techniques to use in any situation.

Who should take this course

This course is perfect for anyone eager to enhance their negotiation skills, whether you're looking to boost your business acumen, advance your career, or simply become more persuasive in your daily interactions.


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Paul Kates

Instructor Biography

With a rich tapestry of over 30 years in diverse professional realms, Paul Kates stands as a beacon of expertise and leadership in the field of Continuing and Corporate Education. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Paul's journey in the business world took flight after earning his MBA from the prestigious Schulich School of Business at York University. His early career was marked by a pivotal role in the Entrepreneurial Services Practice at Ernst & Young, where he honed his skills in accounting, auditing, and consulting across a broad spectrum of industries.

Paul's career trajectory then ascended to management positions within leading companies in the consumer goods and hospitality sectors, including a tenure at a Fortune 500 company. Here, he was instrumental in driving initiatives in marketing, sales, customer service, and merchandising, showcasing his versatility and forward-thinking approach.

In 2006, Paul embarked on a new chapter in Tokyo, Japan, where he has since become a cornerstone of the academic and corporate training landscape. As the Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Education at Temple University Japan (TUJ), Paul leverages his extensive experience to inspire and educate. He delivers a wide array of business courses and workshops, equipping professionals and students alike with the knowledge and skills to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

Paul Kates is not just an educator but a mentor and innovator, dedicated to shaping the future of professional development and corporate education in Japan and beyond.