Digital Marketing Strategies

Course Code: SMS101
Day: Thurs Time: 19:10-21:00 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Spring Instructional Language: English Location: Online English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate

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Course Description

This course introduces the latest resources and tools to engage in effective and authentic digital marketing. Throughout the course, participants will explore content marketing, storytelling, online branding, influencer marketing, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Strategies for measuring the real impact and effectiveness of digital marketing activities will be emphasized. This course will help participants improve their online profile in meaningful ways and improve their earning potential by deepening their understanding of the online world. Entrepreneurs and those working in small to medium enterprises could especially benefit from this course by learning to develop their brands and gain a competitive edge online.

Learning Objectives

Successfully understand content marketing (how to go viral), develop listeners online (lead generation) and recognize the best practices in the world of digital marketing.

Who should take this course

Company professionals, marketers, consultant, social media users, entrepreneurs, students in general.

Professional Training Certificate Core Course For:


No required textbook (Recommended: The Now You Know Guidebook ISBN: 9784600005153


Flavio Souza

Instructor Biography

Flavio has over 25 years of experience working in marketing and hi-tech business areas at global corporations in his native Brazil, Europe and Japan. Working directly and indirectly with brands such as Ambev, Adidas, Panasonic, Warner Music among others during his professional career, he is now an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Fullcircle Innovation - A digital marketing startup agency based in Tokyo. Fullcircle has a strong presence on the social media space, working with influencers, developing apps as well as state of the art websites communities focused on green-eco-technology-science related issues. Fullcircle has won the Innovation Award in Asia from Red Herring on the year in 2010. Flavio holds a double master degree (e-business and MBA) from the International University of Japan (IUJ), Niigata, Japan.