Speed and Accuracy in Translation: Mastering Sight Translation Techniques for the Digital Age

Course Code: SAT101-WS
Day: Sat, Sun Time: 10:00-13:00 Hours: 6 Sessions: 2 Semester: Fall Instructional Language: English Prerequisites: This course is effective for students who are in the range of approximately TOEIC 700+, Eiken 2+ or above. Location: Online English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate

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Course Description

In an era where digital tools and AI-powered translation apps can instantly convert text from one language to another, the role of human translators is evolving. While these tools are fast and often accurate with simple texts, they lack the nuanced understanding and cultural sensitivity that a human translator brings. So, how can human translators stay relevant and efficient in this digital age?

Welcome to our workshop, designed specifically for budding translators and those interested in honing their translation skills. This course focuses on mastering sight translation techniques, a crucial aspect of interpreting that combines the skills of reading, analyzing, and translating text on the spot.

Throughout the course, we will delve into techniques such as chunk reading, text analysis, and memory retention, all aimed at enhancing your efficiency and accuracy in translation assignments. You will have the opportunity to practice with texts from various genres, working in groups to quickly analyze and translate them during class sessions.

The goal of this course is not just to make you faster at translating from English to Japanese and vice versa, but also to build your confidence in conveying messages accurately and effectively. Join us on this journey to redefine the role of human translators in the digital age.

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Maki Hirono

Instructor Biography

Maki is an experienced university administrator with 15 years’ experience of academic student services in the bilingual working environment. She currently manages the undergraduate admissions at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), and enjoyed teaching of interpreting to non-Japanese undergraduate students at TUJ and teaching business letter writing to adult learners at a Japanese technical college before. She earned a Master of Translation and Interpreting from Macquarie University, Australia, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Japan. Her work philosophy is to face challenges and continue to learn for self-development. Through teaching translation courses, she would like participants to feel how enjoyable translation processes are.