Translation for Advertising

Course Code: ADT101-WS
Day: Sat Time: 10:00-11:30 Hours: 6 Sessions: 4 Semester: Spring Medium of Instruction: English Location: Online

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Course Description

This workshop is designed to provide basic knowledge and skills on translation for advertising. We will work collaboratively in groups of 2 or 3 to translate a variety of materials such as web advertisement, brochure and sales copy (mainly from English into Japanese). After translating these texts, participants will discuss the translation works and provide their feedback to each group in the classroom. Through this group activity, participants will be able to learn useful and practical translation techniques for advertising. This workshop is designed for beginners. Experience of translation or copy writing will not be required.


No required textbook/ Handouts


Naoto Okamura

Instructor Biography

Naoto Okamura is a freelance reporter-cum-translator. He earned a BA in intercultural communication from Dokkyo University and an MA from Waseda University with focus on journalism and international relations. For over two decades, he has worked as a translator in Tokyo and Hong Kong and has also had stints at English-language media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review, and Automotive News, covering various news about Japan in English. His motto is that translation is not about switching words from one language into another. It is a form of cross-cultural communication. As such, translators need to bridge different worlds of perception and therein lies the beauty and challenge of the trade. He hopes to help students to grasp an intended meaning or message behind words and develop their overall translation/writing skills in both Japanese and English.