Critical Thinking Skills

Course Code: CTS101
Day: Wed Time: 19:10-21:30 Hours: 20 Sessions: 8 Medium of Instruction: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo)

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Course Description

Improve your critical thinking skills. Look into yourself and find out how your way of thinking (your values and prejudices) affects the way you make decisions. Learn to recognize false arguments and manipulative techniques used by individuals (or groups) to get you to do what they want you to do. Take control of the situation and develop your ability for creative problem solving. You need this skill to survive life's twists and turns!

Learning Objectives

This course will explore issues about the nature and techniques of critical thought, viewed as a way to establish a reliable basis for our claims, beliefs, and attitudes about the world.

Who should take this course

Those with a strong interest in Critical Thinking and a desire to make a commitment to the personal development of themselves and others.
English Level: Advanced


In Focus Level 3 Student's Book with Online Resources Paperback – Student Edition, June 23, 2014


Ivan Botev

Instructor Biography

Ivan Botev, PhD, currently teaches at the Department of International Communication and Culture, Toita Women's College, Tokyo. Ivan does research in Primary, Language, and Higher Education, as well as in Picturebook Studies and Community Development. His team's current project is 'Exploring the Art of Living Together in 21st Century Ethnically Diverse Europe: Fostering Strong Sense of Belonging, Living in Harmony with One Another, and Integrating Refugees' funded by the Toyota Foundation.