Tech Talk: Mastering the Art of Interpreting in High-Tech Industries

Course Code: IHT101

Embark on an exciting journey to become a sought-after interpreter in the dynamic world of high-tech industries, including automobile, electronics, electric, mechanical, IT systems, and semiconductor manufacturing. This course will equip you with various interpreting techniques, methods, and professional tips, all while giving you the opportunity to practice with diverse assignment materials. Master essential interpreting techniques such as shadowing, retention, quick-response, note-taking through hands-on interpreting exercises.

1. Gain a solid understanding of the fundamental professional interpreting skills necessary to excel in high-tech business and conference interpreting assignments.

2. Familiarize yourself with the unique terminologies and expressions prevalent in high-tech industries.

3. Expand your vocabulary with a focus on key high-tech industries such as automotive, electronic, electric, machinery, semiconductors, or IT.

This course is perfect for aspiring interpreters, such as business interpreters, in-house interpreters, ad hoc interpreters, or freelance conference interpreters who aim to hone both their consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills. (TOEIC 700+, Eiken 2+ preferable)
Materials will be provided in an easily accessible PDF format.
Nagisa Todoroki
Dr. Nagisa Todoroki obtained her BA from Sophia University, Tokyo and Master and Doctor of Education (M.Ed., Ed.D) degrees in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)/Applied Linguistics from Temple University. She has been working as a professional simultaneous interpreter (SI) and technical translator for over 20 years, and she is also the President of En Clair Inc., a professional conference interpreting and translation agency. She initially started working as an NHK interpreter, NTV satellite simultaneous interpreter, TBS translator, etc. She has also worked for over 300 major private corporations, major international conferences, and various governments. She has also involved in marketing and PR agency assignments for over 20 years and has been taking over 1,000 simultaneous interpreting assignments for media presentations and press conferences to date.