Teaching Young Learners

Course Code: TEJL-8

Children begin language learning without prejudices about its methods and difficulties. The fundamental challenge to teachers and course designers is to maintain children's enthusiasm for learning and enable them to enjoy achievement. Fortunately, adults are capable of overcoming their own fears and prejudices about teaching and to teach children effectively. This course will cover basic psychology of children's language learning, and age appropriate activities and teaching methods. Essential experiences in this course include considering theoretical background as well as demonstrations of lessons and materials.
[Free Demo Class on Sunday, May 12 (10:30AM-12:00PM)]

1. Gain a broad understanding of elements related to teaching young language learners.
2. Practice articulating key concepts related to teaching young language learners.
3. Arrange and construct a PowerPoint presentation related to the concepts.
Incumbent English Language teachers, those who are interested in teaching the English language to young learners, and those interested in engaging in discussions related to teaching language.
Teaching Languages to Young Learners
Alexandra Shaitan
Alexandra Shaitan has a Master’s Degree with a focus on TESOL, from Temple University, Japan Campus, and a PhD (ABD) in Applied Linguistics and Communication from Birkbeck College, University of London. Alexandra has lived and worked in the UK and Japan for the past 20 years, teaching numerous academic courses to ESL learners at different educational institutions including pre-schools, high schools and universities. Her current research interests include bilingualism, language and identity, learner autonomy and task-based language teaching. She recently delivered a workshop on “Language and Identity” at the University of West London, the UK, as an invited speaker. Her calling and passion are sharing her teaching experiences with others.