Effective Language Teaching

Course Code: TEJL-1
Day: Sat Time: 14:30-17:50 Hours: 42 Sessions: 12 Semester: Fall, Summer Core certificate: Teaching English to Japanese Learners Medium of Instruction: English Special Notes: This course will meet 12 times on Saturday afternoons. Location: In-Person (Tokyo)

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Course Description

This is a core course for the Teaching English to Japanese Learners certificate program. The course considers the most effective approaches to language teaching, and covers the processes by which learners learn languages; types of teaching materials and activities for different levels and ages; how to encourage motivation and enthusiasm; and suggestions as to how to teach skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as the integration of those skills, or fluency. The course is designed for current and prospective teachers. 

Learning Objectives

1. Choose appropriate materials for teaching English to various groups of students.
2. Create lessons for teaching English language skills.
3. Discuss current ideas about teaching and learning English.
4. Create a syllabus for an English course.

Who should take this course

Who are current English language teachers; Who intend to become English language teachers; Who are interested in deepening their understanding of teaching English as a second language.


Teaching by Principles (4E) (Teacher References)


Yujiro Shimogori

Instructor Biography

Yujiro Shimogori has a Master's degree in Education with emphasis in Human Development & Psychology from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. degree in Education with focus in Bilingual Education from San Diego State University. He is a 14 year veteran as a primary, secondary, and higher education educator and researcher in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tokyo. Educated, lived and worked in Japan and the US, he is bilingual and bicultural, and proficient in Japanglish as well. His research interests include bicultural identity development, bilingualism, culturally relevant pedagogy, and second language acquisition. Shimogori enjoys visiting new places, taking long walks, and watching baseball, judo, kendo, NFL games, and sumo.