Japanese Business Writing (Intermediate to Advanced)

Course Code: JSL225
Day: Sat Time: 13:30-15:20 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Spring Instructional Language: Japanese / English Location: Online English Proficiency Level: Any Level

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Course Description

This course helps learners improve their business writing in Japanese, with an emphasis on writing emails. In class, we will cover keigo and formal expressions as well as useful phrases for various scenarios such as responding to requests or making initial contact. There will be weekly assignments to practice writing longer emails according to different scenarios. Submitted assignments will be given individual feedback. The textbook for this course focuses mainly on business situations, but supplementary materials will be used to cover other social settings as well. This course is designed to develop the functional writing ability of business professionals who are at the intermediate and advanced levels of Japanese language proficiency.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand and use formal written Japanese frequently used in business emails

2. Expand the range of phrases used in formal situations

3. Improve overall writing ability and coherence in Japanese

Who should take this course

Intermediate and above students (JLPT level: N2) who want to study business writing


しごとの日本語 メールの書き方編 (アルク)


Aki Matsukura

Instructor Biography

Aki Matsukura graduated from the First Department of Literature at Waseda University. After working for a publishing company specializing in educational materials for 9 years, she started teaching Japanese in 2002. She is currently teaching classes at various Japanese language institutions and universities.