Practical Business Japanese: Speaking and Writing (Intermediate)

Course Code: JSL223
This course is designed to develop the functional language ability of business professionals who are at the intermediate and advanced levels of Japanese language proficiency. Learners practice how to speak appropriately both at work and in other social settings. Situations covered include speaking on the phone, greeting, apologizing, complaining, making/turning down requests, etc. Learners will participate in role plays and other communicative classroom activities in addition to discussing cultural norms, politeness and levels of formality expected for successful communication. You can also learn the basic of Japanese business writing such as formal written words and expressions frequently used in business emails. 
1. Understand formal Japanese which are frequently used both in business situation and daily life.
2. Learn to speak naturally in various business situation.
3. Learn to write basic business e-mail and business letter
Intermediate level students (JLPT level: N3 who want to study business Japanese.
にほんごで働く! ビジネス日本語30時間
Aki Matsukura
Aki Matsukura graduated from the First Department of Literature at Waseda University. After working for a publishing company specializing in educational materials for 9 years, she started teaching Japanese in 2002. She is currently teaching classes at various Japanese language institutions and universities.