Intermediate Japanese Reading and Speaking

Course Code: JSL217
This is a course for intermediate students (JLPT level: N3-N2). Students will improve skills in reading, grammar, vocabulary and speaking. The textbook used in the class (to be decided according to student's level) covers various current topics in Japanese society. If possible, some other reading materials such as short newspaper articles will be used according to student's needs.
1. Improve your ability in reading so that you can read relatively long articles.
2. Improve your ability in speaking so that you can explain your experiences and express your opinions on social issues.
3. Deepen your understanding of Japanese society.
Intermediate level students (JLPT level: N3,N2) who want to improve reading and speaking skills.
Aki Matsukura
Aki Matsukura graduated from the First Department of Literature at Waseda University. After working for a publishing company specializing in educational materials for 9 years, she started teaching Japanese in 2002. She is currently teaching classes at various Japanese language institutions and universities.