English for Tourism and Hospitality B

Course Code: ETH101

Would you like to improve your speaking and listening skills? Are you interested in international travel and the tourism industry? If so, here is your chance to learn more about places around the world, and the tourism and hospitality industries. This course aims to build confidence, widen vocabulary and provide students with several opportunities for pair work and group work. There is a focus on the professional skills needed for the tourist industry. Students will practice language skills in realistic case studies that reflect issues in the tourist industry today. Topics include: air travel, negotiating, marketing, nature tourism and trends. This course is aimed at lower-intermediate to intermediate students.

* This is Part B of a two-part course. (However, it can also be taken as a stand alone course.)

1. Acquire specialized vocabulary & phrases for tourism

2. Gain professional skills needed for the tourist industry (Including presentation skills)

3. Improve listening & speaking skills

Lower-Intermediate & Intermediate English learners who are interested in travel and/or the tourist industry would benefit from taking this course.
English For International Tourism 2nd Edition Pre-Intermediate Coursebook with DVD
Betty Kates
Betty is from Brisbane, Australia and has several years experience working in the hospitality industry. Her experience includes handling day to day operations, promotions, and customer service at a cafe, fine dining restaurant and the banquet department in a five star hotel in Brisbane. While front of house supervisor, at a catering service in London, she was also part of the management team.
Betty came to Tokyo soon after completing her Master's Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She has taught English for over twenty years - In Brisbane, Taipei, London and Tokyo.
Betty is a supportive teacher who strives to help students feel comfortable. The experience and enthusiasm she brings to the classroom makes it the perfect environment for students to broaden their skills and knowledge.