Managerial Accounting

Course Code: BMA101

Welcome to a foundational journey through the world of accounting, tailored for those aiming to thrive in the global business environment. This course is designed not to make you an accounting expert but to arm you with a fundamental understanding of essential accounting topics, terms, and reports. This knowledge will empower you as a business professional, enabling you to effectively address and navigate accounting challenges within multinational corporations (MNCs).

Our focus will be on the internal aspects of accounting, providing you with insights necessary for effective decision-making and strategic planning in a global context. You'll learn about the significance of accounting as the "language of business," gaining the ability to interpret and apply crucial accounting information for operational and strategic success.

Throughout this course, we'll explore the core concepts necessary for any businessperson to function effectively in today's international business landscape. By the end of our sessions, you will have developed a working understanding of accounting that equips you to be proactive and informed when encountering accounting issues in your professional role.

By completing this course, you'll be prepared to engage with accounting information confidently, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions and seek out additional information as needed in the realm of global business.

1. The basic terms, concepts and goals of Managerial Accounting.

2. How to Interpret product cost information in the financial statements.

3. Decision making through managerial accounting methods (e.g., incremental analysis).

Accounting beginners who need practical use of accounting information for their daily work and/or decision making.
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Travis Christensen
Dr. Travis Christensen is a licensed US CPA with a Ph.D. in accounting from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. His research specializes in behavioral auditing and taxation with publications in top 10 accounting journals including BREA (Behavioral Research in Accounting). In his free time, he enjoys hiking and cardio kick boxing at the gym.