Speak with Confidence

Course Code: SWC101
You have studied English for many years, and you know you know the language. Yet when you get in front of a native English speaker, out of shyness and fear, you are unable to speak English with confidence. Think of all the opportunities, at parties, at school, that you had to converse fluently in English... and yet you didn't. Is this you? If so, then stop and think how great it would be to lose this shyness and fear, and gain confidence and start conversing with native English speakers. This class will show you many techniques to overcome what stops you from being relaxed and natural in front of native speakers. You’ll also practice the techniques that you have acquired, and be that fearless person you want to be.

1. Self-reflect and set goals for achieving greater confidence when speaking English

2. Understand how and why confidence can be achieved and how to feel and express it

3. Practice several techniques and learn self-correcting techniques to improve your confidence when speaking

Intermediate level English language lerners ( It might be challenging for lower-intermediate level learners.)

English Level: Intermediate and above ( It might be challenging for lower-intermediate level learners.)

新版 日本人に共通する 英語のミス151 (英語のミスシリーズ)
Ron Scott
Ron Scott has been teaching English in and around Tokyo since arriving in Japan in July 2005. From Canada, Ron obtained both an honours Bachelor's degree in Drama and Psychology from McMaster University and a Master's in Drama Therapy from Concordia University.
An avid traveler, Ron travelled around the world on a cruise ship, running a recreational facility for children. Ron has also been acting and making people laugh since an early age, and is very active in the Tokyo English theatre community.
Due to his interest in acting, and particularly in comedy, Ron is very interested in and specializes in teaching both natural English and how we can use comedy and humor to communicate, connect, and create deeper relationships with others.