Speak Naturally - Speed, Fluency and Rhythm

Course Code: SPN101
The music of English speech is generally not found in textbooks. Yet it is one of the most important elements of speech. No amount of grammar and vocabulary can make up for not knowing how the overall speech flow should sound. In this course, we will concentrate on the ups and downs, the fast parts and slow parts, and the pauses and omissions in natural English speech. Students will be expected to practice and repeat useful passages, and so to build a base of personally valid models of speech. Because the habits of a lifetime cannot be developed in a course of limited duration, the instructor will help each student develop a personal viewpoint and habits of practice that will be useful in the future.
1. Change your ideas and preconceptions about how to study English.
2. Understand how and why spoken English sounds the way it does, and how you can change your habits to speak in a more natural-sounding way.
3. Practice several techniques to improve the way you speak and to change your habits which prevent you from speaking English naturally.
Intermediate level English language lerners ( It might be challenging for lower-intermediate level learners.)
English Level: Intermediate and above ( It might be challenging for lower-intermediate level learners.)
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Ron Scott
Ron Scott has been teaching English in and around Tokyo since arriving in Japan in July 2005. From Canada, Ron obtained both an honours Bachelor's degree in Drama and Psychology from McMaster University and a Master's in Drama Therapy from Concordia University.
An avid traveler, Ron travelled around the world on a cruise ship, running a recreational facility for children. Ron has also been acting and making people laugh since an early age, and is very active in the Tokyo English theatre community.
Due to his interest in acting, and particularly in comedy, Ron is very interested in and specializes in teaching both natural English and how we can use comedy and humor to communicate, connect, and create deeper relationships with others.