General English Course - Lower Intermediate

Course Code: GEC301
This course is for lower-intermediate learners who have the grammatical, vocabulary and functional proficiency to handle some common interactions in English. It will build upon basic English skills to bring the student up to a comfortable intermediate level. This course covers: - Taking part in general conversations comfortably - Asking for more details/developing a conversation (discussion and explanation) - Reading naturally/effectively - Vocabulary development through a wider range of general/common topics.

English language learners who are in the range of TOEFL 400-450/ CBT 97-133, TOEIC 600-650 and EIKEN 3-kyu

English Proficiency Level Chart

World English 2 (3/E) - Combo Split 2B with Online Workbook
Ron Scott
Ron Scott has been teaching English in and around Tokyo since arriving in Japan in July 2005. From Canada, Ron obtained both an honours Bachelor's degree in Drama and Psychology from McMaster University and a Master's in Drama Therapy from Concordia University.
An avid traveler, Ron travelled around the world on a cruise ship, running a recreational facility for children. Ron has also been acting and making people laugh since an early age, and is very active in the Tokyo English theatre community.
Due to his interest in acting, and particularly in comedy, Ron is very interested in and specializes in teaching both natural English and how we can use comedy and humor to communicate, connect, and create deeper relationships with others.