Introduction to the World of Japanese Sake (5 week)

Course Code: SAK101
Start Date: 2023/3/23 Day: Thurs Time: 19:10-21:00 Hours: 10 Sessions: 5 Semester: Fall, Spring Medium of Instruction: English Special Notes: Students will be required to pay a one-time material fee of 7,500 yen to the instructor on the first class meeting to cover the cost of tasting. Location: Tokyo

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Course Description

This course offers experienced nihonshu (sake) drinkers and novices alike an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge related to the history of sake, methods of production, the variety of categories, as well as regional seasonal characteristics. As with most of the culinary world, tasting is understanding, so the course will also cover tasting techniques while sampling four to five representative sakes each class. The course will also cover the fundamentals of how to decipher sake labels, proper storage and serving, and how to choose the ideal sake for a variety of occasions and meals. By the end of the course you should be able to identify the main categories of sake and their characteristic tasting notes, main producing regions in Japan, stages of production, the information on bottle labels, the key points when serving sake, and sake's place in Japanese and global culture and markets.

Learning Objectives

Learn about nihonshu (sake)'s ingredients, brewing process, service and tasting, history and future.

Who should take this course

Anyone without (or with limited) knowledge of nihonshu, interested in learning about sake, and/or any sake interested in building its knowledge of English vocabulary about sake, understanding the viewpoint of a foreigner about it.
English Level: High-Intermediate and above


No required textbook (Recommended: The Sake Handbook by John Gauntner / Textbook of Sake brewing by the Brewing Society of Japan / Nihonshu - Japanese Sake)


Sebastien Lemoine

Instructor Biography

Born in Normandy, France, Sebastien Lemoine visited Japan in 1987 for the first time, as a business student. He fell in love with the surprising moments that never fail to come, when confronting Japanese people and their culture. For family or work purposes, he has travelled back and forth since, made Tokyo his home again in 2008.
In 2013, he put an end to his career as financial markets specialist. He invested time in proper training and research about one of his hobbies, nihonshu. Advanced Sake Professional (certification by the Sake Education Council), he embarked on sharing what he loves about Japanese sake and its culture with visitors and foreign residents. He produces workshops, events and tours, working with high end travel agents and international corporations. Sake consultant, sake teacher at French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, Sebastien is hosting the Sake On Air first English language podcast about sake and