World of Japanese Art

Course Code: WJA101
Day: Sat Time: 10:00-12:20 Hours: 20 Sessions: 8 Semester: Fall Instructional Language: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: Any Level

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Course Description

This art appreciation course provides an overview of traditional Japanese arts through weekly sessions, where we will examine a variety of Japanese art forms, including woodblock prints (ukiyo-e), ink paintings, folk paintings (otsu-e), ceramic art used in tea ceremonies, and Japanese swords designated as treasures. You will learn about not only the unique Japanese aesthetics employed in the creation of these works of art, but also the historical and cultural traditions in which these art forms developed and flourished. It is my hope that the knowledge gained over the course through lectures, field trips, discussions with experts in the field, and even hands-on practice will set the foundation for a life-long love of Japanese art.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn technical art terminology of traditional Japanese art in English through hands-on engagement with art in the classroom and field trips, giving students the opportunity to become closer to art through visual and tactile experiences.

Who should take this course

Open to art lovers at any English level


No required textbook


Yoko Haruhara

Instructor Biography

Yoko Haruhara is an art columnist who has extensively written about Asian art for the Japan Times since 1997, focusing on exhibitions of Japanese, Korean and Chinese art and artifacts. Her publications include Artists in The Residence, a special publication of the United States Department of State for the American Embassy in Tokyo.