Understanding Block Chain Technology: Implications for Businesses

Course Code: BCT101-WS
In this one-day workshop, participants will be introduced to block chain technology and its components. In the ten years since the cryptocurrency Bitcoin made its debut, over 2,600 cryptocurrencies have been created and are currently trading (as of June 2019). Blockchain is the technology platform that enables these cryptocurrencies to be bought, sold, and recorded between strangers. The beauty of blockchain is its simplicity. It is a distributed and immutable ledger that some refer to as the Web 3.0. This workshop explores why it is the platform of choice for cryptocurrencies, and how it is expanding into non-currency applications. Participants will look at real-life examples of how blockchain is applied to supply chain systems, shared economy solutions, academia, and more. Finally, the workshop will introduce methods to analyze existing business models to see if it is compatible with or could be replaced by blockchain. This workshop is essential for anyone curious about how blockchain will impact their industry, and no prerequisites or information technology experience are required.
No required textbook