Stage Acting

Course Code: ACT101

This course will introduce you to the interpretive art of acting for the stage. It covers the process an actor takes in preparing a role, from building a character to accessing emotional and sensory recall techniques. In the class, students will select a monologue to work on that will be suitable for audition purposes as well as a scene from a play that the class will work on together. There will be an emphasis on textual analysis and establishing the 'given circumstances' and 'beats' of the scene. Students will work on establishing an inner monologue for their characters that allows them to consistently access the thoughts and feelings of the character.

1. Identify the textual clues that a playwright uses to convey the given circumstances of a scene and the inner monologue of the characters in it.

2. Learn how to access emotional and sensory recall to help bring the character to life.

3. Recognize the process and work involved in consistently and accurately interpreting the written word and creating a performance.

This course is for anyone who has an interest in theater and wants to explore the process that actors undergo in the formation of a character and the performance of an author's work.

English Level: Advanced

Recommended (Photocopies of any readings will be provided in class.)
Andrew Larson
Mr. Larson was born in the United States and has lived and worked for over thirteen years in Japan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and a Master of Arts degree from San Diego State University in California, as well as a certification in TESOL. He is presently pursuing a PhD in Language and Information Sciences from the University of Tokyo.
Currently he teaches English at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Tamagawa University. He is also an avid writer, having written plays for the stage and screen, and is now working on a media-based curriculum for English language learners.