Idioms, Proverbs And Precision (5 Weeks)

Course Code: VOC101-S

Do you find yourself using the same English words again and again? Want to make your English more interesting? This course is for you! Many people try to learn new words by making long lists and memorizing them. But often, they forget these words because they don't use them in real life. Our course offers a better way: learning idioms and proverbs. For example, the idiom "see red" doesn't talk about seeing or the color red; it means you're very angry. By learning idioms and proverbs, you can use simple words you already know to say more interesting things in English. In this course, you'll learn 20 idioms and 20 proverbs. Plus, you'll practice describing pictures in a way that someone could draw just by listening to you! Ready to enrich your English and make it more engaging? Sign up now and join us for an enjoyable linguistic adventure.

1. Mastery of thirty idioms

2. Knowledge of twenty proverbs

3. Ability to describe spatial relationships with precision. For example you will be able to say something like:

In the upper right there is a circle. Inside the circle there are two parallel lines. Between the lines there is a Chinese character. It is the character for ‘water’.

This is a course for people who have a good basic command of English, and who want their English to be more varied and more accurate.
No textbook required
Glen Kovar
Glen Kovar was born in Canada, but spent his formative years in Austria and Czechoslovakia (now Czechia). This exposure to language and culture influenced him to get involved in language education. He has over twenty-five years of experience in this field, and has had the opportunity to work around the world. This includes developing curriculum, instructing, and conducting teaching training in an academic high school in Europe, and working in a technical college in Kazakhstan. His first exposure to Japan was in 1996 where he primarily taught business English and TOEIC in a variety of companies throughout the region. For twelve years he taught current events, TOEIC, TOEFL, academic writing and business at a private language school and at an ELC in Victoria, Canada. He returned to Japan in 2018 where he was an assessment specialist for corporate clients, and then returned to the classroom in 2022 to conduct business English classes and help clients develop communication skills.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Germanic Studies from the University of Victoria (Canada), has certification in TESOL, and has his Masters in TESOL from the University of San Francisco (California). He also has a Photojournalism Diploma from the Western Academy of Photography (Canada).