SDGs: Issues in Sustainable Development

Course Code: SDG101
This course is for anyone wanting to gain a basic understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), current trends in development and the connection between issues. The course will investigate issues facing global society and how these are being addressed. These investigations will provide an understanding of international development, broader awareness of the connection actors and issues, and an overview of the diverse methods for solving global problems. Pre-readings and guiding questions will help participants engage with the key themes. Those wishing to know more about global issues, the role of different actors and sustainable development agendas, those preparing for overseas study or volunteer work, or those involved in the nonprofit sector will especially benefit from this course.
1. Develop a Better understanding of sustainability, the SDGs and international development.
2. Gain a broader awareness of the connection between issues.
3. Learn about diverse methods for solving problems and Find out how you can get more involved.
Anyone wanting to know more about what is going on in the world, learn about what is being done about global problems, prepare to study overseas or work in the nonprofit sector. Anyone with an interest is welcome!
No required textbook
Sarajean Rossitto
Sarajean is a Tokyo-based consultant providing project event and training program coordination, facilitation and advisory services for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, international organizations and corporations to better tackle social needs.
She coordinates and develops projects and training programs aimed at developing skills, knowledge and effective partnerships between organizations and across borders. She works with organization leaders to organize impact-oriented programs based on community needs and participants’ interests. She collaborates with a wide variety of nonprofits, international organizations, foundations, corporations and universities in Japan and overseas, helping them identify needs and project possibilities to develop strategies designed to meet their goals.