Self-Defense Essentials: Introduction to Traditional Budo (5 Weeks)

Course Code: SDE101-S

Get a glimpse of the fascinating world of Budo and appreciate the principles and soul of Japanese culture through martial arts. The origin of Budo goes back centuries and has developed over time from simple battlefield techniques for survival to a traditional activity that allows the practitioner to plumb the depths of human movement culture. The technical practice section of this course will focus on the traditional Okinawan empty hand martial art of Karate. The objective of the course is to provide the student with basic knowledge of Karate and its history (including spiritual aspects) as a microcosm of Japanese culture, as well as to increase their physical fitness levels through actual training of Karate techniques. For those interested in earning advance instruction and certification in traditional martial arts, personal advice is also available from the instructor.

1. Understand the basic forms of traditional martial culture via the practice of Okinawan Karate.

2. Increase physical and mental fitness through movement.

3. Using movement principles to gain a better understanding of the human body, its strengths and weaknesses, to increase awareness and well-being.

Students who have completed SDE101 and wish to explore the cultural origins of the techniques learned in the previous course. Expats interested in learning more about traditional Japanese culture. Combat sport athletes wishing to explore alternative training methods and techniques. Anyone interested in increasing physical and mental wellbeing through movement. The techniques practiced herein are also applicable to self-protection as per the historical origins of classical Karate itself.

No required textbook
Charles Joe Swift
Joe Swift has been immersed in traditional Okinawan/Japanese martial arts since 1985 and has resided in Japan since 1994. He founded his own martial arts school in Tokyo in 2000, specializing in Okinawan Karate and Ryukyu Kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons). Swift holds a Nanadan (7th-degree black belt) under the mentorship of Grandmaster Uematsu Yoshiyuki from Mushinkan Dojo. Additionally, he serves as a standing director of the All Japan Ryukyu Kobudo Federation and is a senior advisor to the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society.