Introduction to Programming and Game Development using Roblox

Course Code: RGD101
Day: Sat Time: 11:00-12:50 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Spring Instructional Language: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced

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Course Description

Are you fascinated by the world of game development but don't know where to start? Have you wanted to learn programming, but never felt motivated or struggled to apply what you learned? Then look no further! In this course, we'll be covering basic programming and computer science fundamentals within an applied setting, the worldwide game platform Roblox. While learning Roblox's editor and engine, we'll cover the fundamentals of programming all while building out our own obstacle platformer games (called "obby"s) that you can upload and share with friends and family after the course. Let's learn programming while building something fun and creative!

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the Roblox Editor and Engine to create small single player obby-style games

2. Gain familiarity with the Lua programming language and some fundamental game design principles

3. Be able to read and write small programs and scripts and demonstrate understanding of programming fundamentals

Who should take this course

1. For those who have never written a program, but would like to learn about it in a unique and self-motivating environment

2. For those who know how to program, but have never made a game before

3. For those who may have dabbled in game development, but would like industry experience driven lessons to help uncover gaps in their knowledge


No required textbook


Anthony Cloudy

Instructor Biography

Anthony Cloudy has worked on a wide variety of games, from indie development to AAA, along with shipping titles for mobile, PC, and consoles. After breaking into the industry with Fractal Fox and shipping Greebles for iOS, he attended SMU Guildhall to earn his Master's in Interactive Technology with a specialization in Game Programming. Cloudy has worked on multiple gameplay updates for Minecraft, including the Update Aquatic, Cats & Pandas, and the Village & Pillage releases. He also worked on Minecraft: Education Edition, developing custom gameplay features and crafting tools that empower content creators to teach hard-to-grasp subject matter in innovative ways.
In 2021, Cloudy quit his job at Mojang in order to move to Tokyo, Japan and to fully devote himself to his indie game development and startup efforts. Cloudy Games LLC's Dragon Drop, a couch-multiplayer game currently in development for PC, Mobile, Switch and Xbox, is his first self-published title, and won the CoroCoro Comics award at BitSummit in 2022. He also helped found nextReality Games LLC, which creates games for Roblox. The team's games on the platform are Journey to the Sun, Whale Survival, and Toast your Friends, and have a combined 50,000 monthly active users. Cloudy also has formed a partnership between nextReality and GeekOut K.K. in order to help make the Roblox platform more successful in Japan. To manage the growing liaison work, in 2023 Cloudy established クラウディリアリティ合同会社 (Cloudy Reality G.K.) here in Japan to further facilitate entry into the Japanese market and other collaborations and partnerships in the country.