Python Basic for AI (5 Weeks)

Course Code: PYR101

As we navigate the transformative age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the demand for skills in data analysis, programming, and AI modeling is skyrocketing. This course situates you at the intersection of innovation and application, providing a comprehensive training environment for data collection, manipulation, preparation, and analysis using Python. These powerful open-source platforms are celebrated for their pivotal roles in AI and statistics, offering user-friendly interfaces and extensive support packages.

Echoing the World Economic Forum's call at DAVOS 2020 for a global re-skilling revolution, PYR101 is designed to prepare participants for the future economy, where 97 million new jobs will emerge by 2030. This course aims to equip you with the foundational understanding of Python necessary to navigate and leverage AI applications across various business sectors.

1. Familiarize participants with Python and R software environments for AI applications.

2. Provide a foundational understanding of data preparation for machine learning.

3. Introduce basic concepts and analysis methods through hands-on training with business cases.

This course is tailored for working professionals, particularly those in managerial roles, who aim to stay ahead of the curve by mastering the tools and insights pivotal in a rapidly advancing digital landscape.

No required textbook
Masatoshi Hirakata
Masatoshi Hirakata brings over two decades of leadership experience across various business functions and management roles in the Asia Pacific and international arenas. A graduate of Sophia University with a BA in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, he furthered his education with an MA in Economics from Temple University Japan. For the past 10 years, Masatoshi has been an integral part of the Continuing Education program at Temple University Japan, imparting his knowledge and expertise.

An avid skier, Masatoshi has pursued his passion for the sport for many years, recently exploring its connection to preventive medicine and considering it as a lifelong activity. His commitment to understanding the intricacies of physical conditioning and fitness methodologies led him to study at the Canadian Sport Business Academy. He is certified with a SAJ Skiing Class 1 certificate, a Level 1 certificate from the Canadian Ski Instructors' Association, and an Avalanche Skill Training Level 1 certificate from Avalanche Canada.