Practical Interpretation Skills

Course Code: PIS101
Start Date: 2024/6/1 End Date: 2024/8/3 Day: Sat Time: 13:30-15:20 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Prerequisites: Participants should have a proficiency level of TOEIC 750+ or Eiken Pre-1+ to ensure a successful learning experience. Location: Online English Proficiency Level: Advanced

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Course Description

Unlock the world of professional interpreting with our Practical Interpretation Skills course, designed to immerse you in the diverse and dynamic field of conference interpreting. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of interpreting across various contexts, from corporate meetings to international conferences. Through practical exercises with real-world materials, including CEO speeches and board meetings, you'll develop essential interpreting techniques such as retention, quick response, shadowing, note-taking, and sight translation. Whether you're aiming to become an in-house or freelance interpreter, this course provides the foundational skills and practice needed to excel in the field.

Learning Objectives

• Master basic conference interpreting techniques for both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

• Apply interpreting skills in real-world scenarios across a range of industries, including finance, IT, sales, and marketing.

• Develop critical skills such as quick response, effective note-taking, and accurate sight translation.

• Understand the professional standards and expectations for conference interpreters.

Who should take this course

• Individuals aspiring to become professional interpreters, either in-house or freelance.

• Professionals seeking to enhance their interpreting skills with a focus on conference settings.

• Anyone interested in developing advanced interpreting techniques and practices for professional growth.

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Nagisa Todoroki

Instructor Biography

Dr. Nagisa Todoroki, a distinguished professional in the field of interpreting, holds a BA from Sophia University, Tokyo, and Master and Doctor of Education (M.Ed., Ed.D) degrees in TESOL/Applied Linguistics from Temple University. With over 20 years of experience as a professional simultaneous interpreter (SI) and technical translator, she is also the President of En Clair Inc., a renowned conference interpreting and translation agency. Her illustrious career includes roles as an NHK interpreter, NTV satellite simultaneous interpreter, TBS translator, and more. She has worked with over 300 major private corporations, major international conferences, and various governments. Her extensive experience in marketing and PR agency assignments spans over 20 years, with over 1,000 simultaneous interpreting assignments for media presentations and press conferences to her credit.