Mastering Organizational Coaching: From Fundamentals to Advanced Strategies

Course Code: MOC101

Immerse yourself in the transformative world of coaching under the guidance of esteemed expert Kazuyoshi Hisano. This dynamic course unveils the art of influential leadership as it navigates you through a journey, starting from basic coaching techniques and culminating in mastery of advanced strategies. Irrespective of the environment - be it a corporate office, sports teams, educational institutions, or even family units - this course serves as your guide to becoming an indispensable coach. Discover the power to make a profound difference in others' lives, inspire goal attainment, and cultivate an atmosphere of collaborative growth and success. Leverage coaching to instill resilience, promote self-efficacy, and navigate the intricate dynamics within organizations. Embark on this transformative journey and unearth the exceptional coach that lies within you.

1. Acquire and enhance basic and advanced coaching knowledge and skills

2. Understand and apply organizational coaching strategies

3. Learn to navigate challenges and difficulties within an organization

1. Corporate executives, managers, and leaders

2. Sports team coaches

3. Educators

4. Parents

Gold Vision: See Your Future, Believe in Yourself, Involve and Move People
Kazuyoshi Hisano
Kazuyoshi Hisano is the President of both Conoway, Inc. and the Feed Forward Association, and the Vice President of Cognitive Coaching Association. He is an entrepreneur and has vast experience in domestic and multinational companies (i.e. Tyco Electronics, Philips, and Bureau Veritas), where he played various management roles. Before starting Conoway, Inc. he served as COO and Executive Managing Director at ProFuture, Inc. He has coached thousands of people in the past 30 years, and has launched "CEO Coaching", his only one on one CEO and equivalent coaching service. His work is backed by cognitive science, the study of "how the human brain works". He is author of several business-related books, including CEO Coaching, Gold Vision, and Feed Forward. His goal is to provide pro-bono coaching services for people in underdeveloped countries. Kazuyoshi has acquired Bachelor's in Economics from Tokyo University and an MBA from Tsukuba University (top of the class).