Listening to and Discussing News

Course Code: LDN101
In order to understand the impact of newsworthy events that take place around the world every day, this course will explore and examine contemporary news topics not only for their sociocultural significance, but their historical significance as well.
To accomplish this goal while aiding in the language acquisition process, students will be provided with English language input sources that support their understanding and bridge gaps in their knowledge.
In addition to actively participating in each class, students will be expected to conduct research outside of class and prepare short presentations to improve the 4 skills of communication and utilize their background knowledge to enrich each session and further deepen the narrative around different news topics.

1. Students will be able to establish and practice self-study strategies in order to bring about more autonomy and independence in their approach to language learning.

2. Students will be able to apply critical literacy skills to become more actively engaged with media in any form and to enrich their approach to discussions.

3. Students will be able to make meaningful historical and cultural connections to the major events taking place around the world today.

For upper-intermediate to advanced English language learners who would like to continue improving their English proficiency while gaining deep and meaningful knowledge of world systems and contemporary culture in the context of major news events.
English Level: High-Intermediate to Advanced
No required textbook (Supplemented by instructor)
Virginia Jenkins
Virginia Annette Jenkins earned a Master of Arts in English in the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University in 1991, and shortly after a teacher’s license in secondary education. Ms. Jenkins first came to Japan in 1992 to teach English and experience Japanese culture in the public schools as part of the Ohio Saitama Teaching Program (OSET). Since then she has taught English at several universities in Japan for thirty years. Her goal is to create English-friendly classes in which students are encouraged to share the wealth of their ideas and experiences, thus creating an enriching learning environment for all. Ms. Jenkins, who goes by Ginny, is a lover of the arts, especially nature and abstract photography. She also did a short stint in music school studying voice but soon realized her voice was meant for the classroom and not the opera house.