Ikebana (5 Weeks)

Course Code: IKB101-S
Day: Sat Time: 13:30-15:20 Hours: 10 Sessions: 5 Semester: Spring Instructional Language: English Special Notes: Students will be required to pay a one-time material fee of 7,500 yen to the instructor on the first class meeting to cover 5 weeks of flowers. Vases, kenzan, and scissors for use in class are provided, but please bring your own "flower wrappers (花包み)" to take the flowers home. If you would like your own tools, the instructor will explain at the first class. 【This course is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.】 Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate, Advanced

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Course Description

Get a glimpse of the fascinating world of flowers and appreciate the concept and soul of Japanese beauty through Ikebana. The origin of Ikebana goes back to the fifteenth century and its technique and sense of beauty have been passed on to younger generations and transformed (revolutionized/modernized) through the centuries. Using the principles of Koryu School Ikebana, this class is designed for beginners who would like to learn about Japanese traditional flower arrangement in a fun and easy way. Through step by step practice you, too, can master Ikebana easily. In this class, you will learn how to arrange flowers for daily life or for special occasions. In no time, you will be brightening the entrance of your house or apartment, or creating a beautiful table centerpiece for your next party! For those interested in earning professional certificates in Koryu style of Ikebana, personal advice is also available from the instructor.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the basic forms of Modern style Ikebana and make flower arrangement originally.

2. Watch plants carefully and find their characteristics, beautiful parts and angles.

3. Learn basic techniques, how to use tools and how to deal with plants.

Who should take this course

Anyone, young and old, beginners, interested in Ikebana as a Japanese traditional culture and as a natural art.

English Level: High-Intermediate and above


No required textbook


Chiyo Watabe

Instructor Biography

Chiyo Watabe holds a bachelor's degree in International and Cultural Studies from Tsuda College and a librarian certificate from Taisho University. She worked for Tsuda College library and Temple University Japan Campus library for thirty years. In addition to her career, she acquired a teacher's certificate of Taikanryu, modern style flower arrangement in 1978 and of Koryu, classic style flower arrangement in 1984. She has been (and still is) an adviser to the head of the school since 2005 and a member of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Ikebana Art Association since 2019. She has participated in various activities, especially Koryu Association Ikebana exhibitions for many years.