Grammar for Translators

Course Code: GFT101-WS
In professional business settings, "analysis of the source-language text" is one of the critical skills in Japanese-English translation processes. Lack of this skill could eventually lead to inaccuracies in translation or leave out important information that could seriously impact decision-making. This workshop is designed to address these problems through a variety of translation techniques in grammatical points related to: effective utilization of relative pronouns; proper punctuation of the translated English text; and recognition of the difference in tense structure between Japanese and English grammar, etc. We will work collaboratively in groups of 2 or 3 to translate a variety of materials such as novels, legal documents, IT manuals and lyric. Through this group activity, participants will gain confidence in their understanding of English grammar and how to better interpret original text. This workshop will deal with English to Japanese translation and is useful both for beginning and intermediate-level translators.
No required textbook. Recommended (『翻訳スキルハンドブック (アルクはたらく×英語)』 駒宮 俊友 (著)アルク 2017)
Maki Hirono
Maki is an experienced university administrator with 15 years’ experience of academic student services in the bilingual working environment. She currently manages the undergraduate admissions at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), and enjoyed teaching of interpreting to non-Japanese undergraduate students at TUJ and teaching business letter writing to adult learners at a Japanese technical college before. She earned a Master of Translation and Interpreting from Macquarie University, Australia, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Japan. Her work philosophy is to face challenges and continue to learn for self-development. Through teaching translation courses, she would like participants to feel how enjoyable translation processes are.