Gender and Social Development (5 weeks)

Course Code: GEN101
This course focuses on five aspects of gender and development, with a particular focus on Japan. Weekly online reading assignments introduce background information, reports and important data to help participants understand the connections between gender and issues such as poverty and women, sexual and gender minorities, and decision-making and leadership. Issues covered during the course include basics reasons for inequality, specific issues which impact differently gendered persons, organizations leading the way in promoting gender equality, changes being made, the obstacles to change, and what we can each do to make a difference.
1. Develop a more critical understanding of gender issues
2. Gain a deeper understanding of the universality and particularity of gender issues
3. Develop a deeper awareness of diverse techniques used to promote gender equity
4. Understand how gender is connected to other issues facing contemporary society
5. Create their own strategies for promoting gender equality
Those interested in gender issues, social change, or learning more about what is going on in the world.
English Level: Advanced
No required textbook
Sarajean Rossitto
Sarajean is a Tokyo-based consultant providing project event and training program coordination, facilitation and advisory services for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, international organizations and corporations to better tackle social needs.
She coordinates and develops projects and training programs aimed at developing skills, knowledge and effective partnerships between organizations and across borders. She works with organization leaders to organize impact-oriented programs based on community needs and participants’ interests. She collaborates with a wide variety of nonprofits, international organizations, foundations, corporations and universities in Japan and overseas, helping them identify needs and project possibilities to develop strategies designed to meet their goals.