Personal Financial Management

Course Code: FOI104-S
Day: Sat Time: 15:00-16:50 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Spring Instructional Language: English Special Notes: 【This is a hybrid course that you can join either at our Tokyo campus or online via Zoom.】 Location: Hybrid, In-Person (Tokyo), Online English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate

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Course Description

This basic financial literacy course is designed to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for effective personal financial planning and management. Participants will explore key concepts in wealth creation, investing, economics, insurance, and retirement planning. Through a combination of theoretical understanding and practical applications, the course aims to equip learners with the tools and techniques to make informed and responsible financial decisions and achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Understand various investment options and create a portfolio tailored to individual financial objectives.

2. Articulate long term impact of financial decisions regarding debt, insurance & pension.

3. Apply critical thinking skills to assess financial risks and opportunities in different economic scenarios.

Who should take this course

This course is suitable for individuals at various life stages, from college students entering the workforce to mid-career professionals and individuals approaching retirement. It is also beneficial for anyone seeking to enhance their financial literacy and make informed decisions about their personal finances.


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Manish Sharma

Instructor Biography

Besides delving in government think tank and management consulting, Dr. Sharma has spent more than 10 years doing macro-economic research and teaching, at premier institutions such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Tokyo and London School of Economics. Till April 2012, he worked at the Tokyo headquarter of Daiwa Capital Markets, as Director in the Corporate Finance Department. Thereafter he has delved in full time academics teaching Finance and Economics at some of the renowned business schools in Asia, including Doshisha Business School.

Dr. Sharma runs an investment Advisory. He had worked as a newscaster with NHK World Radio Japan for 13 years and advises a number of alternative investment ventures. In 2006 he co-founded a rural primary education initiative in India. He has published in top-notch academic journals, edited books and newspapers.
He holds a Ph.D. in financial economics.