Exploring English Through Storytelling

Course Code: ETS101-WS
Start Date: 2024/9/14 End Date: 2024/9/14 Day: Sat Time: 13:00-16:30 Hours: 3.5 Sessions: 1 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Prerequisites: Age under 12 and parents optional. Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: Basic Beginner, High Beginner

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Course Description

Reading to and with young children is crucial for their cognitive, emotional, and linguistic development. It fosters early literacy skills, expands vocabulary, stimulates imagination, and strengthens the parent-child bond. Regular reading habits established in childhood lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and literacy.

As a participant you will:
- Learn to make reading (in English) fun and engaging for kids of various ages and abilities
- Learn to make Big Books
- Explore the topics of: prediction, rhyme, and story expansion, sight words

Learning Objectives

1. Engage children in the English language through interactive storytelling activities.

2. Foster creativity and imagination while developing language skills.

3. Build confidence in using English through participatory learning experiences.

4. Promote cultural understanding and appreciation through storytelling.

DIY Big Books

Who should take this course

Children of various ages and abilities and their parents.


David Fingerote

Instructor Biography

David W. Fingerote’s nearly two decades of experience teaching has allowed him to learn from and provide support to learners of all ages and various levels/backgrounds from many parts of the world. David trains, teaches, mentors, and consults, focusing on various topics related to learning. David aims to meet students where they are in their respective learning journeys. An M.Ed in TESOL coupled with a passion for testing and applying edtech innovations leads to sustainable learning opportunities for all course participants.