English for Journalism

Course Code: EFJ101
Start Date: 2024/6/1 End Date: 2024/7/20 Day: Sat Time: 13:30-15:50 Hours: 20 Sessions: 8 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: Intermediate

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Course Description

English for Journalism dives into the dynamic world of journalism across traditional and social media platforms, encompassing audio, video, photographs, and text. Led by the experienced journalist and educator, Dan Sloan, this course unravels the intricacies of news content, emphasizing the importance of understanding both the language and context of news stories. Participants will engage deeply with news pieces of their choosing, fostering a rich environment for exploration and discussion.

Learning Objectives

Over the span of eight weeks, this course aims to:

• Enhance comprehension of journalism, including its language and conventions.

• Foster critical thinking regarding news sources and their credibility.

• Equip students with the skills to discern the relevance and importance of news stories, distinguishing between essential news and entertainment.

• Provide a specific focus on Japanese news, guiding students towards trusted sources.

Who should take this course

• This course is ideal for English learners and those with a keen interest in journalism, aiming to deepen their understanding of news content.

English Level: Intermediate


Dynamics of Media Editing


Dan Sloan

Instructor Biography

Dan Sloan is a veteran multimedia journalist, who wrote for Eurobiz Japan and other media after working at Reuters for 17 years. He is a frequent public speaker and commentator on current events, corporate communications and Japan for professional organizations and academic groups, a university instructor, and author of "Playing to Wiin: Nintendo and the Video Game Industry's Greatest Comeback." He is a former president of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan and a former Board Member.