Developing Cultural Intelligence and a Global Mindset

Course Code: DCI101
In a world that has increasingly become more globalized and challenging, it has become very important for those in the corporate world, and especially for those about to enter it, to understand what the new concept of Global Mindset is, why it is important for business leaders, and how one can develop it early on in one's career. The fast-moving pace of international business, brought on by globalization, requires a more complex approach, than ever before, to finding ways to take advantage of opportunities, and to finding appropriate solutions for solving issues. All those who intend to, or have already started working locally or across borders, will need to develop the important skills of Global Mindset and Cultural Intelligence — one of the most impactful issues caused by globalization. This course will introduce you to the essential tools and know-how to put you on the right track to develop a Global Mindset.

1. Understand why companies are pushing for more diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

2. Understand why having a high CQ makes you an attractive choice for companies, operating locally and/or globally, to hire you.

3. Gain know-how and tools to guide you on your way to attaining a global mindset.

Students, Human Resources personnel, and Corporate managers at any level
No required textbook
Norman Grant
Norman is a corporate executive coach, facilitator and HR consultant with a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba. He has around 30 years of working experience in the Asia Pacific Region namely in China, Korea and Japan. Motivated by his great interest in Asian history and cultures, he has accumulated a vast and diversified first-hand experience. Having lived and worked in Asia for such a long time, he has provided a variety of customized experiential workshops to a wide number of multinationals in various sectors. In addition, he conducts an annual seminar on Diversity and Inclusion at the ICS center in Hitotsubashi University which is attended by students taking the MBA Program.