Dive into the Rhythm of Strength: A Barre and Dance-Based Conditioning Experience (5 Weeks)

Course Code: DBC101
Start Date: 2024/6/15 End Date: 2024/7/20 Day: Sat Time: 10:00-11:50 Hours: 10 Sessions: 5 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Special Notes: No class on June 29, 2024. Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate, Advanced

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Course Description

Unlock the synergy of ballet's elegance, the precision of Barre, and the empowering essence of strength and flexibility training in our unique dance-based conditioning class. Tailored for the ambitious soul, this program is your portal to mastering grace and forging a robust, resilient body through the artful blend of dance and targeted Barre techniques.

Embark on a transformative five-week odyssey with us, where your body is revered as a sacred vessel. This journey is about holistic enhancement—cultivating not just physical prowess but enriching your mental and spiritual well-being. Step into a realm of self-care where each movement harmonizes with your quest for balance and vitality, integrating the core-strengthening and posture-enhancing benefits of Barre.

Experience a dynamic fusion of ballet-inspired stretches, precise Barre exercises, and expressive dance routines. Our carefully designed sessions aim to elevate your body's agility and elegance, offering a comprehensive approach that caters to all levels of dance enthusiasts. We ensure a welcoming space where you're encouraged to grow, excel, and embrace the unique discipline of Barre alongside traditional dance conditioning.

Embrace this opportunity to enrich your health and wellness toolkit. Together, let's shape our bodies, uplift our spirits, and glide into a future filled with energy, grace, and radiance.

Learning Objectives

1. Gain a foundational understanding of body conditioning, incorporating elements of ballet to enhance physical grace and strength.

2. Strengthen muscles, boost flexibility, and fortify core strength, laying the groundwork for a balanced and healthy physique.

3. Cultivate physical and mental harmony, learning to live a healthier lifestyle through mindful movement and self-care.

Who should take this course

This course is designed for individuals of any age and background who are interested in enhancing their fitness through the elegance of classical ballet. It is particularly beneficial for:

• Those seeking to improve their dance skills, expressiveness, and artistic appreciation.

• Individuals aiming to maintain excellent health and embrace a vibrant, youthful lifestyle.


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Nami Holderman

Instructor Biography

Nami began classical ballet training at the age of 5 with Matsuyama Ballet Company and continued her training with numerous teachers and studios throughout her life. In 1994, she moved to the USA to study dance and academics, receiving a B.A. in International Business and Psychology and later received MEd in the Globalization of Education. During her years in the US, she studied ballet and modern dance under the tutelage of major dance mentors including Katherine Horn, Mary Anne Mee, Patricia Mc Bride, and Jean-Pierre Bounnefoux. In 1997, she received a scholarship from the Joffery Ballet School in NYC. From 1998-2000 she danced professionally with the North Carolina Dance Theatre, and from 1999-2000 with The Moving Poets. She has taught ballet and creative movement as well as choreographed for numerous ballet schools in the US, including as an adjunct professor at Point Park University of the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 2004 - 2013. Returning to Tokyo in 2013 she has been a Performing Arts teacher at Aoba-Japan International School. Nami is currently researching in the link between EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Dance through kinesthetic empathy.