Coaching Skills for Managers, Team Leaders, and Self

Course Code: COA101-WS
Do you have people working for you who are not making the most of their potential? Are you under pressure to do more with less? If so, coaching skills may be the key. Participants in this 1-day workshop will receive an introduction to core coaching competencies drawn from coaching models that combine process- and goal-orientated coaching in different ways: 1) GROW (Goal, Reality, Options (obstacles), Will (way forward)) 2) Co-active coaching 3) FACTS (Feedback, Accountability, Challenge, Tension, Systems thinking) Each model will be taught using a mini presentation to provide input about core competencies followed by interactive discussion among participants. All participants will have the chance to practice coaching, to be coached themselves and to observe others coaching using one or more competencies from each coach model. Typical scenarios include coaching under-performing staff to be more effective as an alternative to lay-offs; Reducing staff turnover costs by increasing employee engagement through coaching; Empowering staff to manage issues in their life sphere that may be impacting their performance at work; Participants will also have the chance to do a teach-back activity to prepare them to pass on their skills to others in their workplace. "The higher up you go in the organization, the less critical hard skills become and the more you need to be able to influence others." Japan President, Global IT Company This workshop is suitable for managers, team leaders and business professionals who are new to coaching and want to improve their soft skills generally. Those with a basic understanding of coaching who want to refresh their coaching skills and learn new competencies are also welcome. This course does not result in coaching certification. Delivery is in English with some bilingual slides.
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Annette Karseras
Annette Karseras is a coach and trainer who develops leaders and teams at all levels of the organization from aspiring new talent to regional leads. She has trained with the Coach Training Institute (CTI), the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI), Systems Coaching group in the Society for Organisational Learning (SOL), and is currently a member of ICF Japan and the Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research (SIETAR). Annette completed her Masters degree at the University of Leicester, UK. Annette's courses focus on personal, professional and organizational change. Participants takeaway practical skills they can use 'tomorrow' & insights for strategic win-wins long-term. Based between the UK & Japan, she has worked with professionals from 50+ countries, uses working Japanese and legacy French alongside her mother tongue English, with-a-Welsh-lilt whenever the topic of rugby arises.