Business Topics (5 Weeks)

Course Code: BTP101-S
Start Date: 2024/7/6 End Date: 2024/8/3 Day: Sat Time: 13:30-15:20 Hours: 10 Sessions: 5 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: Intermediate

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Course Description

Dive into the dynamic world of international business with our interactive course designed to broaden your understanding and sharpen your perspective on global markets. Whether you're aiming to be an executive, a manager, or are simply keen on understanding the consumer's role in international business, this course is tailored for you.

With an emphasis on discussion, this course invites participants to explore key issues in international business, including business ethics, corporate governance, marketing and branding, finance, market valuation, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. An intermediate level of English is required, ensuring you can fully engage in rich discussions and appreciate diverse viewpoints.

Preparation for Success

Before each session, you'll be tasked with pre-assignments designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your ability to engage in meaningful discussions. These assignments are your stepping stones to confidently navigating through differing opinions and complex topics.

Learning Objectives

• Acquire a comprehensive background in global business issues.

• Expand your business-related vocabulary.

• Prepare for advanced business studies or enhance your professional expertise.

• Engage confidently in discussions with international business professionals.

Who should take this course

This course is ideal for professionals, business executives, pre-MBA students, and anyone with an intermediate level of English looking to delve into the intricacies of international business.


No textbook required


Gil Chavez

Instructor Biography

Gil is an experienced Tokyo-based consultant, professor, with extensive experience in delivering courses and seminars in talent development, marketing, and leadership. He has taught at universities since 1998, when he began as a professor at California Polytechnic State University. Since then, he has taught numerous courses at several universities and MBA programs in Japan. Throughout his time as a professor and trainer Gil has gained recognition for his engaging and sincere approach to education and professional development.

Gil’s work experience includes managerial, consultant, and executive positions, including IBM Asia Pacific, Nortel Networks, Hill & Knowlton, and Kyodo PR. He has advised many global and regional executives of top companies as well as ambassadors and embassies. He has a master’s degree from the University of Kansas, a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College, and has attended executive education programs at Harvard Business School. He is from the United States and speaks Japanese.