Agile Project Management

Course Code: BPM102
Day: Sat Time: 11:10-13:20 Hours: 23 Sessions: 10 Semester: Fall Instructional Language: English Prerequisites: To benefit fully, participants should have work experience in an organization, an internet connection, and a Google account. Special Notes: This course can count toward the education requirements for PMI certification (PMP or CAPM) or serve as a refresher course for the Continuing Certification Requirement exam. Location: Online English Proficiency Level: Advanced

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Course Description

In fast companies, and those aiming to become fast, agile tools and work products have evolved from "bleeding edge" to standard practice in 2020. While many megafirms continue to organize large projects by a plan-driven (or "waterfall") approach, even within those projects, work is increasingly organized by an agile mindset. This course introduces that mindset, along with its practices and cutting-edge team technologies. Key texts and thought leaders are introduced, and the core learning activities are practical, constructive, cumulative, and personal. Participants will develop agile artefacts pertinent to their own work situation, including product vision boxes, user stories, and release plans. The course makes use of cutting-edge collaboration tools, including Zoom®, Mural®. In the fast-paced, collaborative settings these media create, participants role play agile activities, such as "daily stand ups" and "user story workshops". Anyone new to project management who wishes to have a hands-on introduction to the current state of the art could benefit from this course. Working managers wishing to learn more about agile, including those already doing some form of it may also benefit.

Learning Objectives

1. Able to build agile work products pertinent to projects they prioritize.

2. Able to add value as a collaborative participant in core agile practices.

3. Able to use select agile project management platforms for purposes above.

Who should take this course

Those new to project management wishing a practical introduction to agile

Managers of projects aiming to learn more about agile

Those already doing agile who wish to see what practices exist beyond their shops

Professional Training Certificate Core Course For:


Choose Your Wow!: A Disciplined Agile Approach to Optimizing Your Way of Working (2nd Edition 2022)


Daniel Clapper, PMP

Instructor Biography

Dan Clapper is an applied linguist, learning architect and entrepreneur with 30 years of international experience. He graduated from Stanford University with a A.B. in English (Phi Beta Kappa), he earned an M.S. in Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University and an M.S.Ed. in TESOL from Temple University Japan Campus. He now holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. He has two decades of success as a manager of innovative educational projects at enterprise scale, including work with government, schools, universities and businesses in 16 countries. In 2004 he was invited by the US Department of Defense to speak on US foreign language education for the post 9/11 era. His company provides consulting on project management.