How to Teach Test-Preparation Classes

Course Code: TEJL-7-WS
Day: Sat Time: 10:00-16:30 Hours: 6 Sessions: 1 Elective certificate: Teaching English to Japanese Learners Medium of Instruction: English Special Notes: This workshop is applicable towards the Certificate in Teaching English to Japanese Learners. Location: In-Person (Tokyo)

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Course Description

Students taking test preparation classes expect more from their teachers as they strive to obtain higher scores to demonstrate their English language abilities. Teachers must be prepared to meet those expectations. Standardized examinations for measuring English language proficiency abound. To mention just a few, there's TOEFL, TOEIC, Eiken, Cambridge, IELTS and many more. And while they all test the same skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), we know that each test comes with a different scoring scheme and system. We also know that for our students, the ability to read or write in a testing environment is a little bit more stressful. It will require additional skills and strategies than what we have taught them to use in "normal" daily situations. This workshop is for those who would like to expand their English teaching experience into the world of test-preparation classes; or for those who would like to do a better job of preparing their students for English language proficiency tests. Familiarize yourself with the strategies relevant to the different sections of standardized examinations and obtain some valuable tips on how you can teach these competencies to your students in the most effective way. The course will highlight similarities among standardized examinations providing you with transferable skills you can readily apply to various test formats. The next time an opportunity comes along for you to teach a test preparation class, you can feel confident taking on that class and you will have added another line to your cv under "teaching experience." Good luck to you and your students!


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