Jump Right In (5 Weeks)

Course Code: JRI101
Day: Sat Time: 13:30-17:20 Hours: 20 Sessions: 5 Semester: Summer Medium of Instruction: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo)

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Course Description

Have you studied English previously, possible for many years? Do you have a long list of vocabulary and grammar points in your head, but not much of an idea how to use the language? Maybe you have even traveled or lived abroad, but still don't seem to be able to communicate when you meet English speakers. You're not sure what to say or how to say it. You have trouble understanding when they speak to you. You know you have English inside but you are afraid to use it. You keep waiting to have enough confidence and until your pronunciation is 'better' to actually speak. Well, stop waiting. Come join the Jump Right In class and start speaking! You have English inside you and this class will help you to bring it out. We have many exercises and activities to help you. We sing songs and we laugh. People make mistakes sometimes, but it doesn't matter because we are SPEAKING, and because we are all friends helping one another. Go on... Jump right in and join the conversation!

Learning Objectives

1. Mastery of usage of grammar points taught.
2. Ability to describe location and relation of objects to one another.
3. Confidence in own Ability to ask useful questions when they don’t Understand.
4. Realization that language learning can be fun.

Who should take this course

Those who have studied English and who have a good basic grounding, but who may lack confidence in using what they have learned.
English Level: High-Beginner to Lower-Intermediate


No required textbook


Norman Farrell

Instructor Biography

Norm Farrell has been teaching English to non-native speakers since 1970. He came to Japan in 1972 and has been here ever since. He worked in language schools and at a Japanese high school until 1992 when he got a master's degree in English education from Temple University in Japan. He then taught as tenured teacher and as a part-time teacher in various Japanese universities until 2015. He has been in the continuing education department for eight years.
Norm's main interests are reading, nature and languages. Before becoming a teacher he worked two years as a seasonal park ranger. In the United States, and here in Japan he often goes hiking in the hills west of Tokyo, enjoying being outdoors and seeing what plants and birds he might be able to find. He lived in Europe for three years as a teenager and there developed a passion for languages. He speaks several and finds language learning to be a sort of game - and he feels himself fortunate to have a profession in which he can help others to play the same game.