Photographing Japanese Culture For The World To See (5 Weeks)

Course Code: JCP101
This course will enable you to bring your photography to the next level, sharpen your eye, and direct your focus on the Japanese culture as a background to work with. We will explore how to tell a story, the power of editing your work, and how to introduce your images to a wider audience. Creating your own style and signature will allow you to have more control with where your images could be seen. The course will give you a bigger picture of possibilities of how to enhance your hobby of today and even make a career out of your photography tomorrow.

1. Each week, we will be exploring deeper the technical aspects of the camera and equipment that can be used alongside it, and with easy homework assignments to reinforce the weekly knowledge provided, can steadily share with each other the change in our image narrative.

2. This course will be providing a sound understanding of how to use the manual setting with SLR cameras and how these settings effect the resulting image.

Anyone who appreciates still photography, but never quiet took the next step to explore their artistic abilities, this course welcomes you now to jump in and have fun with like minded explorers of this medium.

No required textbook/Handouts
Karl Doyle
Coming from an international photographic background, Karl has lived and worked in London, Paris, Miami and NY. He has worked alongside some of the most creative professionals in the fields of fashion, advertising and branding, including fashion visionary Thierry Mugler on many perfume campaigns for Clairns of Paris. Together with top fashion models, stylists and art directors Karl has traveled the globe and gone on to enjoy creating fine art photography, shooting in remote locations such as northern Mongolia and Iceland. Irish born and with a diploma in photography his camera has never stopped clicking. Now a four year resident of Japan, he documents the culture here in all it's facets.