Introduction to iOS App Development

Course Code: IAD101
Start Date: 2023/1/28 End Date: 2023/4/8 Day: Sat Time: 09:00-10:50 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Spring Medium of Instruction: English Special Notes: 【This is a hybrid course that you can join either at our Tokyo campus or online via Zoom.】 Location: Online, Tokyo

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Course Description

What You’ll Learn
• How to implement fundamental programming concepts in Swift
• How to build declarative user interfaces with SwiftUI
• How to use data from network sources in your apps (JSON, REST, GraphQL)
• Design patterns for state management in iOS
• How to access the hardware on Apple devices in your apps
• How to get your app published on the App Store

How This Class Will Help You Get Ahead
• For job seekers, this class will introduce you to the fundamentals of Swift and mobile app development, which could prove helpful in trying to transfer to or land an app development job.
• For people looking to launch their own ideas, this class will introduce you to enough basic skills and considerations that you could use to launch your own app in the App Store.

Why Does iOS Development Matter?
• The mobile app industry is projected to be worth over $400 billion USD this year and continue its upward growth trend.
• iOS (Apple) is still the major revenue contributor, year-over-year.
• The Asia-Pacific region is expected to have the largest growth in the market.
• Mobile developer is one of the top 5 common developer roles.
• This indicates demand is high, but supply is still low.

Learning Objectives

What Does the Course Consist Of?
• Lectures
• Graded project assignments
• Web-based quizzes
• Code walkthroughs and demos from the teacher and other students

Who should take this course

Who Is This Class For?
• Students or professional developers who have programmed before in another programming language
• Self-taught developers looking for more formal guidance on app development
• Business managers or generalists looking to understand what is involved in app development
• Hobbyists looking to figure out “just enough” app development to launch their ideas


Ahmed Bakir

Instructor Biography

Ahmed Bakir is a career iOS developer, entrepreneur, and educator. He is the author of three books on iOS development, including “Program the Internet of Things with Swift”, which ranked #3 on Amazon. In 2009, he started his consulting business, devAtelier, where he worked on mobile apps for a wide range of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has been a senior or lead developer on over 20 apps, including ones for major brands like UNIQLO and KFC. In 2015, he developed and taught a mobile programming certificate program for the University of California San Diego’s extension program. Ahmed is currently living and working in Tokyo, where he is overseeing a major luxury brand's apps for the Japanese market.