Introductory French

Course Code: FRE101
Day: Tue Time: 19:10-21:00 Hours: 20 Sessions: 10 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Location: In-Person (Tokyo)

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Course Description

This is an introductory course for people interested in learning the French language. Through listening, speaking, and practical activities in the classroom, students will learn useful greetings, basic vocabulary and conjugations, pronunciation, and how to frame basic questions and answers. We will introduce basic conversational expressions useful for traveling, shopping and dining. This course also offers students an opportunity to explore French culture, customs, holidays, popular fashion, cuisine, and more. Participants are encouraged to practice communicating and exchanging information through studying model dialogues and acting them out. The course assumes no prior knowledge of the French language, nor does it require any English language ability.

Learning Objectives

1. Introduce themselves in French
2. Exchange contacts
2. Talk about their tastes (movies, books or TV) and their favorite activities

Who should take this course

Beginners designed class


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Peggy Heure

Instructor Biography

Peggy has more than 10 years of experience teaching French as a foreign language at various universities and institutes in Japan. She holds masters degrees in both Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Public Management. An experienced educator from Southern France, she enjoys sharing her way of living and spontaneity, and is passionate about motivating students to speak and discover the world in French!