Personal Financial Management (5 weeks)

Course Code: FOI104
Start Date: 2022/10/22 End Date: 2022/11/19 Day: Sat Time: 9:00-10:50 Hours: 10 Sessions: 5 Semester: Fall, Spring Medium of Instruction: English Location: Online

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Course Description

This course is designed to lead you through the fundamentals of personal financial goal setting and developing a mindset and plan for generating financial stability and wealth generation. Quite often, when people tackle money management, they do it in a ‘learn as you go’ style.  Unfortunately, this approach is more like trial by error.  When it comes to your money, these mistakes and errors we learn along the way can be costly and frustrating.  It leaves many feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by their finances.  In this short course, we start with your goals and move on to the fundamentals of personal financial management in a step-by-step process to avoid the ‘learn as you go’ approach. Material is presented in easy-to-understand strategies to help answer questions like, “Where do I start?” or “Am I saving enough?” At the conclusion of this short course, participants will walk away with their own completed personal financial plan designed uniquely around their goals and circumstances.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify personal financial goals
2. Create a positive mindset around personal finances
3. Understand the technical aspects of creating and building wealth
4. Completed personal financial plan

Who should take this course

Those who struggle with organizing and managing personal finances, who want to set and achieve personal financial goals, and who wants to start saving and investing for the future.


No required textbook


Bonnie Humphrey

Instructor Biography

Bonnie Humphrey teaches others how to build wealth on any income; cultivating the fundamental principle that financial health requires dedicated attention just the same as physical health. She worked for Merrill Lynch (Texas) and Hartford Japan (Tokyo). Bonnie is the author of “Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat It Too, A Newlywed’s Guide to Budgeting”. She is dedicated to helping others realize that they have it within themselves to create the financial security they desire. Originally from the US, she is a long-time resident of Tokyo and an eclectic collector of all things old, dusty and uniquely Japanese. She graduated with honors from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management with an MBA.