Business English Simulation: Developing and Considering Proposals

Course Code: BES102-WS
Semester: Summer Day: Sat Time: 10:00-12:00 Hours: 6 Sessions: 3 Start Date: 2022/4/16 End Date: 2022/4/30 Medium of Instruction: English Location: Tokyo

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Course Description

This one-day problem-solving workshop is a short but intensive educational experience designed so participants can gain real hands-on skills in a workplace setting using English as the tool of communication. In a world where companies everywhere are becoming more and more multinational to increase revenue, this interactive and experiential workshop will prove valuable. During this workshop you will be a member of one of the teams working independently to come up with a proposal or solution to a workplace 'challenge'. In doing so, participants will need to listen, hold discussions, write up a proposal and present it verbally, negotiate, make team decisions, give feedback, challenge another team's proposal, and support decisions made - all in English. This workshop would help any professionals that need to interact with English speaking colleagues in developing or reviewing proposals for new projects or services.


Norman Grant

Instructor Biography

Norman is a corporate executive coach, facilitator and HR consultant with a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba. He has around 30 years of working experience in the Asia Pacific Region namely in China, Korea and Japan. Motivated by his great interest in Asian history and cultures, he has accumulated a vast and diversified first-hand experience. Having lived and worked in Asia for such a long time, he has provided a variety of customized experiential workshops to a wide number of multinationals in various sectors. In addition, he conducts an annual seminar on Diversity and Inclusion at the ICS center in Hitotsubashi University which is attended by students taking the MBA Program.