Ballet for Beginners: Discover the Grace and Beauty of Dance! (5 Weeks)

Course Code: BAL101
Day: Sat Time: 10:00-11:50 Hours: 10 Sessions: 5 Semester: Summer Instructional Language: English Special Notes: Please come 10 minutes before class and begin stretching. Location: In-Person (Tokyo) English Proficiency Level: Basic Beginner

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Course Description

Ballet is widely regarded as one of the most aesthetically pleasing dance forms. It is considered the cornerstone of dance, providing dancers with a diverse range of skills and techniques that can be applied to various styles. Through a classical ballet education, dancers can cultivate their flexibility, grace, posture, and rhythm, honing their ability to control their inner muscles and attention to detail. This heightened control allows dancers to better govern their physicality, reaping benefits that extend far beyond the stage. Whether your aspirations lie in dance, skating, gymnastics, martial arts, or simply living your life theatrically, we strongly recommend classical ballet as a means to develop your artistic prowess and enhance your beauty.

What to prepare for dance class:
・ T-shirt
・ Comfortable pants (above the ankles)
・ Ballet slippers
・ Towel
・ Drink
Optional: Leotard, Pink tights, skirt, coverups, etc.

Learning Objectives

1. Introduce students to the fundamental principles and techniques of classical ballet, including proper posture, alignment, and basic ballet vocabulary.

2. Help students develop physical skills such as flexibility, coordination, balance, and control, which are essential for executing ballet movements with precision and grace.

3. Foster an appreciation for the artistry and beauty of ballet, and to encourage students to express themselves creatively through movement.

Who should take this course

Anyone who wants to learn the foundations of classical ballet and enhance their artistic and physical skills. No limitation on age, gender, or proficiency.


No required textbook


Nami Holderman

Instructor Biography

Nami began classical ballet training at the age of 5 with Matsuyama Ballet Company and continued her training with numerous teachers and studios throughout her life. In 1994, she moved to the USA to study dance and academics, receiving a B.A. in International Business and Psychology and later received MEd in the Globalization of Education. During her years in the US, she studied ballet and modern dance under the tutelage of major dance mentors including Katherine Horn, Mary Anne Mee, Patricia Mc Bride, and Jean-Pierre Bounnefoux. In 1997, she received a scholarship from the Joffery Ballet School in NYC. From 1998-2000 she danced professionally with the North Carolina Dance Theatre, and from 1999-2000 with The Moving Poets. She has taught ballet and creative movement as well as choreographed for numerous ballet schools in the US, including as an adjunct professor at Point Park University of the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 2004 - 2013. Returning to Tokyo in 2013 she has been a Performing Arts teacher at Aoba-Japan International School. Nami is currently researching in the link between EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Dance through kinesthetic empathy.